Big Problems? No Problem

blogpic11214See how the bottom two bones in the lumbar spine are offset? It is called spondylolisthesis.  That is a long name for offset vertebrae.  This problem is caused by forceful extension of the spine.  This spinal offset will keep increased pressure on the spinal discs.  These discs will be a frequent pain generator.  When it is slipped this much it means the back part of the spine has broken.  This pain of this problem can be managed but the problem itself is permanent.  We will decompress his lower back to relieve the pressure and laser to speed healing and reverse some of the cartilage damage. You can also see very large bone spurs on the two ones directly above the spondylo, this represents his body trying to stabilize this weakened joint.  It takes a  back pain specialist to  manage problems like this.   I’ll keep you updated on his progress.


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