A tale of three spines.

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The Cervical spine on the left has a normal C shaped curve.  This is considered normal and I don’t see this very much in my office.  The image in the middle is of a straightened cervical spine.  I see these spine all day long.  This spinal condition us most often caused by a car crash, but it can develop from a blow to the head or a fall or similar type of trauma.  Sometimes people who sit looking down for long periods like teachers can acquire this problem.  It causes sore tight stiff achy neck and shoulder muscles, fatigue, allergies, headaches and much more. The straightening of the curve increases pressure on the disc.  Most people who come in with this problem have one or more bulging disc.  With a little work and some time we can repair this damage.  The spine on the right is a reversed cervical curve, I don’t see one this bad too often.  There is some indication that neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis  may be associated with this type of spinal positioning.  We can repair this but it takes much time and effort, in the long run it is worth it.

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