A tale of three spines.

                    The Cervical spine on the left has a normal C shaped curve.  This is considered normal and I don’t see this very much in my office.  The image in the middle is of a straightened cervical spine.  I see these spine all day long.  This spinal…

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Car crash injury complicated by past back surgery hardware

This mid 30’s man suffered a side impact car crash 2 weeks ago.  As you can see there are some problems with this spine that need special attention.  #1 there is still a curvature that will need to be addressed before he can be truly pain free.  The curve puts additional pressure on the lower…

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Fall as a teenager starts arthritis, bulging discs, and bone spurs.

This is an image of the cervical spine of a mid 50 y.o. man who started having  neck pain a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue.  His neck had caused him problems off and on for years but it had always just eased up on its own.  Not this time.  If you’ll look…

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