Car crash injury complicated by past back surgery hardware


This mid 30’s man suffered a side impact car crash 2 weeks ago.  As you can see there are some problems with this spine that need special attention.  #1 there is still a curvature that will need to be addressed before he can be truly pain free.  The curve puts additional pressure on the lower spine which causes the disc to be prone to bulging.  #2, see those white objects at the top middle of the film?  Those are titanium rods and screws.  Hardware placed around his spine during surgery he had about 15 years ago to correct scoliosis.  This hardware makes his case a complicated order.  I have worked on many spines with this kind of hardware so I am confidant he will get better.

The man from yesterday whose neck was arthritic from a fall when he was a teenager was back in our office today.  He said that he was 20% better in just one treatment.

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