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Back pain is a problem that affects many people. It can affect anyone of any age or either gender. It can vary from being “just an annoyance” to taking over someones life!
It can stop people from working, playing sports and enjoying time with their family. It can even be so severe that a person is virtually crippled by it.
So when it strikes it’s oh so convenient to be able to take a pill that immediately has an effect to lower the pain. People will often reach for commonly available non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). But recent research suggests that this could be a very bad idea.
A Danish study that ran between 1997 to 2005 examined approximately 20% of the population of Denmark, that’s over 1 million people, and concluded that:
One common drug, Diclofenac, an NSAID related to ibuprofen, mobic, or naproxen was found to increase the relative risk of cardiovascular death by 91%.
The study also found a relative increased risk of fatal and nonfatal stroke of 29% with the use of Ibuprofen.
The authors wrote “The cardiovascular safety of NSAIDs is a major public health issue because NSAIDs are widely used in the general population.”
There is a natural solution with an average 88% success rate:

People using one of the commonly available anti-inflammatory drugs mentioned above may be putting themselves at risk.

These drugs are associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and internal bleeding; even in otherwise healthy individuals!
No matter what the severity, any kind of pain, is a warning sign from the body… something is wrong.

The body is signaling that there is something that needs attention. Many people choose to ignore pain, particularly if it isn’t that severe, but when choosing to do something about pain there are really only two different options.

Do something that’s completely natural, or do something that’s un-natural.
There is a natural solution with an average 88% success rate:
Some people cover up their pain with drugs.

While this might very effectively make them feel better, it doesn’t actually do anything to change the original cause of the pain.

This means that things tend to get worse with time – not better.

Taking the edge off the pain and hoping the actual problem is going to go away is really not such a good strategy.
The British Medical Journal has reported that specific natural spinal interventions reduce disability and are more successful at doing so than traditional medical interventions.
In 1990 they reported that corrective manual therapy was more effective than hospital management of chronic and severe back pain. And that the benefits were seen long term.
In 1992 the journal reported that corrective manual therapy was more effective than physiotherapy at dealing with back and neck complaints, and both of these were reported to be more effective than general practitioners.
And again in 1995 they reported that those receiving corrective manual therapy derived more benefit and long term satisfaction than did those treated by hospital.
Finally, another study by the journal in 2004 found natural spinal care and exercise to be better than “best care” in general practice for back pain.
This is what just two of our clients said about us:
“I no longer have any back/neck pain. Given this used to happen 2 or 3 times per year and I would more or less be on my hands and knees relying on friends for everything this is such a relief.” ~ Cody
“After approximately 10 years of pain and having seen doctors, had x-rays, MRI Scans, physiotherapy and seeing an osteopath for 6 months, the difference I have noticed from the first adjustment has been unbelievable. Having seen so many different people to help get to the cause of the pain not just to manage the pain I became very skeptical and promised myself this would be the last time I try to get things sorted out and I am very glad I did come to the Hall Chiropractic & Wellness. Physically and mentally life is so much more better.” – Mary
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