Sometimes they throw me softballs.


After short history of symptoms and focused exam I told her that she had a bulging disc in her neck.  She was not convinced saying that the pain is in her shoulder and arm more than her neck.  I gave her the good news first, you have three disc in your neck that are near perfect.  But if you will enlarge the picture you can see the degeneration, roughened joint surfaces, thinning discs and bone spurs of C5, C6, and C7.  She saw it clearly.  Here comes the softball.  Well Dr. Hall I am 70 years old, some of this is just from being 70.  I told her, remember what I said about those three discs at the tom of your spine, she said that they were near perfect, I said, how old are they?  She said they are 70 also, so I said if aging had an effect then they would all look the same or at least be a little degenerated.  Point made, softball over the center field fence.

UPDATE, the patient from yesterday, Job #1,  He had a CT scan, his cervical spine had been fractured!  Great candidate for laser, not a candidate for manipulation.

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