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likelihood of surgeryIf you are having back pain and you consult a surgeon you are 42.7% likely to have surgery.  If you are having back pain and you consult a chiropractor you are 1.5% likely to have surgery.  Let that sink in for a minute.  That means chiropractors fix 98.5% of their patients without the need for surgery.  98.5%…NINTY EIGTH POINT FIVE PERCENT.  Oh by the way, in case you are wondering, this research was done by Benjamin Keeney Phd. studying Orthopaedics Outcomes Research at Dartmouth Medical School, and on the advisory board of Spine Journal, the worlds top ORTHOPEDIC journal, he is NOT a chiropractor and Spine is NOT a chiropractic journal, it is a MEDICAL JOURNAL.  Let that sink in too.  So when you’ve let all of this sink in you know what to do…Call Dr. Hall.   601-483-2500.

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