Whiplash is REAL, as seen on MRI

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This one study, published in the journal Radiology, has a wealth of information concerning one of the most common spinal injuries that I have observed and treated for over 20 years now.

Early in my practice of Chiropractic, I would frequently observe osteophytes, usually called bone spurs, on the front aspect of the 5th and 6th vertebra in the cervical spine (neck).  The joints above these and the joints below these were usually normal, no bone spurs, healthy discs.  I would ask the patient, did you injure your neck?   After some questioning very frequently heard “I had a car wreck about 10 years ago, but I didn’t get hurt,  I was only sore and stiff for a week or so then it went away.”  This study reveals that injuries to the ligaments and discs of the cervical spine can be damaged in these low impact car crashes.  I have attached a link and the abstract for your further investigation.  All of these injuries, ligament injuries, annular tears, disc herniations are successfully treated with the kind of chiropractic care and laser therapy that i provide.


Radiology. 1991 Jul;180(1):245-51.
Cervical spine hyperextension injuries: MR findings.
Davis SJ1, Teresi LM, Bradley WG Jr, Ziemba MA, Bloze AE.
Author information
Cervical hyperextension injuries are common and often show minimal radiographic abnormalities, even with severe or unstable lesions. Fourteen patients, nine with acceleration hyperextension “whiplash” injuries and five injured by direct frontal head trauma, underwent magnetic resonance (MR) imaging within 4 months of injury. Five of seven patients with anterior spinal column injuries showed characteristic separation of the disk from the vertebral end plate, lesions still evident as late as 9 months after injury. The demonstration of this type of lesion and its delayed resolution may have prognostic and surgical implications. These lesions, anterior longitudinal ligament injuries, anterior annular tears, and occult anterior vertebral end-plate fractures usually occurred at multiple levels except when preexistent degenerative disk narrowing reduced spine mobility. Seven patients had acute cervical disk herniations causing cord impingement. Radiographically occult injuries are well demonstrated with MR imaging, and findings correspond to previously described surgical and anatomical pathologic conditions.

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